Report Suspicious Activity

iWatch Salt Lake County Community Reporting System

You can report suspicious activities or behaviors that may indicate ongoing or future criminal or terrorist activity. Your report will be reviewed by an analyst to determine if similar reporting exists and to ensure the appropriate referrals are made. The report should take less than 5 minutes to complete and will remain confidential.

False reporting to a law enforcement agency is a violation of state law

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The 8 Signs of Terrorism


Demonstrating an unusual interest in facilities to determine how well the target is protected and what security measures are in place.

Information Gathering

Questioning individuals at a level beyond mere curiosity.

Testing Security

This may be an attempt at measuring reaction times to security breaches or assess strength and weaknesses.


The raising of money to finance illicit and potential terrorist operations.

Acquiring Supplies

The acquisition of unusual amounts of precursor materials.


Using false documentation, uniforms, badges, access passes or keys to gain access to protected facilities.


Terrorists will often rehearse their plans several times over, to ensure successful deployment.


Terrorists are arranging their assets, getting into position or are in the midst of conducting their operation.